Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

Operating since 1962, Läderach Chocolatier Suisse is a family-owned premier Swiss chocolate company. As the largest chocolate retailer in Switzerland with approximately 1000 employees and 80 stores, Läderach is renowned by many as creating the freshest, highest quality, responsibly sourced artisanal chocolates in Switzerland, if not the world. Läderach controls the entire value chain and carefully crafts the final product from the bean-to-bar in Switzerland. Swiss quality is reflected in Läderach’s guarantee to use only the best ingredients for their products through strong relationships with the finest suppliers: milk from Swiss cows, almonds from California, Piedmont hazelnuts from Italy and honey from Swiss bees. In November 2019, Läderach entered North America with its first flagship store in Toronto, along with additional stores in Toronto, New York City, London, and will continue to expand its global footprint through 2020.

Läderach provides chocolate lovers with a portal into Switzerland as they experience the freshest Swiss chocolate in the world. High quality from the cocoa bean to the chocolate shop that will cause a person to stop and engage in the freshness, craftsmanship, and a full sensory Swiss experience.


The awareness and passion for high-quality chocolate still determines the way the company works today, as chairman Jürg Läderach explains: "Läderach stands for freshness that can be experienced, felt, tasted and enjoyed.”

First, it starts with Fair & High-Quality Cocoa: Läderach respects the environment and takes its ecological responsibility seriously. To closely monitor the entire production process from the cocoa bean to the shop counter, Läderach can guarantee the sustained high quality of its cocoa and use it to produce a noble couverture to create delicately melting chocolate creations.

Läderach sources its cocoa from Ghana, Ecuador, and Trinidad and works closely with the farming families, local communities, Rainforest Alliance, World Cocoa Foundation, The Cabruca Cooperative, and Family Life Project to ensure the well-being of the entire chocolate ecosystem. Through these relationships, Läderach provides workshops and materials to guide the protection of the environment, while increasing yields sustainably and growing business for farmers.

Second, the benefits of its state-of-the-art production: to keep all the flavors and aromas of their ingredients, Läderach gives the utmost care to all the steps in the making - often by hand. As Läderach refines and produces everything in Switzerland, they keep distance and time short, to ensure their products spend as little time as possible in production. 

Third, the benefits of retailing directly - through its shops, allowing Läderach to sell products that often have been made only a few days before and always under the perfect chocolate conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.).


Läderach chocolatiers employ creativity and enthusiasm as well as all the confectionery arts in their daily work. Their passion is crafting miniature artisanal masterpieces using carefully selected ingredients from the best sources.

The exquisite raw materials are processed by hand into small masterpieces with great attention to detail. The range includes more than 80 different pralines and truffles, dozens of confectionery specialties, exquisite milk and Grand Cru chocolate and airy mini mousses, the new interpretation of chocolate biscuits. Exceptionally extraordinary is the original FrischSchoggi™, which is not only engaging by its taste, but also by its presentation in the front window of its stores around the world. FrischSchoggi comes in 22 standard varieties and are offered in public counters as large chocolate slabs and sold broken into pieces.

The great diversity of the range also demonstrates the innovative spirit of the company, led by Elias Läderach, 2018 World Chocolate Master, to ensure it stays true to its Swiss roots while innovating its recipes and production process. Inspired by close cooperation with professional customers from all over the world and the direct contact with consumers, Läderach continuously develops new varieties, products, and seasonal creations for noticeably fresh and exclusive chocolate enjoyment all year round.


Läderach is deeply rooted in Swiss tradition, and its stores awaken all senses with fresh chocolates, fresh chocolate environments, and welcoming staff.

From the scent of fresh chocolate throughout the store and beautifully on display, to the artisanal all-natural MiniMousses and Pralinés surrounded by a light and airy environment, a visit to a Läderach store is a journey to “SchoggiLand.” Customers have the opportunity to hear the highly trained Läderach associates describe the "bean to finished product process," and teach their new family of customers how to pronounce the unique Swiss brand name.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we encourage you to visit the Läderach store at CF Toronto Eaton Centre or North York. Experience white-glove service and sample the freshest Swiss chocolate available in North America, including Läderach’s Valentine’s Day seasonal creations sure to provide the sweetest gift for a loved one.

  • CEO: Johannes Läderach, third-generation
  • North America President: Nathanael Hausmann
  • Employees: Approximately 1000
  • Founded: 1962 in Glarus, Switzerland
  • Product Range: Over 100 varieties, including more than 50 different pralines and truffles, dozens of confectionery specialties, airy Mini Mousses, more than 20 varieties of FrischSchoggi™ (fresh chocolate), and a large selection of seasonal creations. 
  • Production: Two production facilities in Glarus, Switzerland, including the production of its own couverture chocolate.
  • Stores: 80 stores around the world
  • Canadian Locations: CF Toronto Eaton Centre and North York
  • Awards: In 2018, Elias Läderach, Head of Innovation and Production, won the World Chocolate Masters in Paris: the renowned world championship for the world’s 20 top chocolatiers.
  • Website / Social:; Instagram - @laderach_na      

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