FAIRTIQ is a mobile ticketing solution available nationwide in Switzerland through our own app or installed on millions of phones as SBB's Easy Ride feature. Throughout Switzerland and several German and Austrian regions, transit users have used the FAIRTIQ app on their smartphones over 22 million times. Instead of selecting a pass or ticket before riding, they just check in when boarding, and check out when done. At the end of the day, the customer is charged the best price based on all available fare products.

No hardware
FAIRTIQ is contactless and needs no fare validators. Upon check-in, the app displays a ticket that can be inspected visually or by scanning the QR code. Each transaction provides the agency with full origin-destination data.

In action: FAIRTIQ helps its client agencies reduce fare collection costs from ticket counters and vending machines.

Pricing flexibility to help recover from COVID
FAIRTIQ already accommodates pricing based on distance, location or time of day. Capping, cashback, usage-based bonuses and referral discounts are also available to give agencies maximum flexibility and customers the promise of the best price.

In action: FAIRTIQ is a good fit for agencies that already use zones or distance-based fares, or would like to test appetite to move to new fare structures. Cities like Munich and Cologne have used FAIRTIQ’s “Lab” app to test new fare structures with minimal setup. Through innovative pricing, FAIRTIQ, employers and large venues can incentivize customers to choose transit, and ride more frequently.

Better data
When old travel surveys cannot be used to predict the future, transit agencies have access to a wealth of origin-destination data from FAIRTIQ. Data can help  understand evolving usage patterns and the impact of service or fare changes.

In action: agencies can immediately review the impacts of a schedule change or promotion on ridership and revenue, and modify their services to better meet demand.

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