Swiss Canadian Scholarship Fund (SF)

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Rules for Awarding Scholarships

1. Purpose of the Swiss Canadian Scholarship Fund of Ontario (SF)
The SF is a charitable organization registered under the Income Tax Act. The SF is designed to provide financial support for university, college, and technical institute students who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in point 4.

2. Organization
2.1 The SF has been established to administer the charitable funds raised by itself and through efforts of others, including members of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Ontario) Inc. (SCCC).
2.2 The Board of the SF comprises 3 directors, the President of the SCCC, the Treasurer of the SCCC, and the immediate Past President of the SCCC, the latter acting as President of the SF.

3. Compliance
The SF needs to be in compliance with its letters patent and by-laws, as well as the legal requirements governing corporations without share capital and charitable organizations.

4. Eligibility
4.1 Applicants have to be sponsored by a member of the Swiss community, such as a member of the SCCC, Swiss Club, Swiss Cultural Association or another Swiss organization. Special consideration will be given to applicants who, without financial assistance, might not otherwise be able to continue their education.
4.2 Applicants must have completed or be in the process of completing at least 1 year of undergraduate or post-graduate study at a university, college, or technical institute on a full-time basis.
4.3 Applicants must provide an original document (original or a certified true copy) from their academic institution confirming that they are accepted for the following academic year and indicating that a diploma or degree is underway. Furthermore, applicants must provide an up-to-date transcript of their academic records and a resume.
4.4 In principle, no individual will be awarded a second scholarship. However, the SF Board and/or selection committee retains the authority to award a scholarship to a previous recipient in certain circumstances, at their sole discretion.

5. Selection Criteria
The Board of the SF, or a selection committee appointed by it, bases its selection on the following criteria:

  • Academic results
  • Financial situation
  • Field of study/program registered for
  • Ties with Switzerland and Canada/Ontario
  • Promotion of social, political, economic relations between Switzerland and Canada
  • Previous scholarships received from the SF by the applicant

6. Deadlines & Procedures
6.1 The deadline for scholarship applications is always July 15. Applications must be received on or before July 15 for the academic year starting in the fall.
6.2 The SF Board or the selection committee will meet within 45 days after the application deadline to review eligible applications and decide on the award of scholarships. All decisions made by the SF Board or selection committee are final.
6.3 Applicants receive an acceptance or rejection letter. If selected, payment in form of a cheque is either sent via mail or handed over in an official award ceremony.

7. Funds
Subject to availability of funds and income tax regulations, the total scholarship amount to be paid out by academic year is generally a maximum of CAD $ 5,000.00. In principle, the maximum amount paid to each recipient per academic year is CAD $ 1,500.00, and the minimum amount is CAD $ 1,000.00.

8. Privacy Statement
By applying for a scholarship from the SF, applicants are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information for the purposes of processing and considering the merits of their applications. This personal information will be protected and kept confidential. No other individuals other than SF or SCCC staff and Board and committee members will be able to gain access to this information without the applicants’ prior consent. In the event one or more scholarships are awarded, the successful applicants are also consenting to the publication of their name and other reasonable personal information, and/or photograph, in connection with any publicity carried out by or on behalf of the SF, including on the SCCC website and in the info suisse newsletter. The SF will securely retain personal information for approximately three (3) years. The SF will not sell this information to third parties.

9. Interpretation and Amendment
The Board of the SF has the power and authority to interpret these Rules in case of any ambiguity. It may, without prior notice, amend them from time to time as it sees fit. By applying for a scholarship from the SF, applicants agree to be bound by these rules.

Download Scholarship Application Form

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